Rafting Carpathians

Rafting Carpathians

Note! Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we partially suspend work to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It is still unknown, the season may begin, and now the company will partially close until the situation changes. You can still make requests by direct contact with us. Any bookings made at this time, of course, must take into account the problems associated with the coronavirus. Gift cards purchased online can now be used until the end of the 2021 season. We will track customers who have confirmed the reservation to discuss cancellations that may need to be made.
TEAM BOCORUSH IS READY TO START full-time work as soon as the situation ALLOWS.

Rafting in the Carpathians with a tourist club “Bokorash”

Rafting the Carpathians is an entertainment that everyone should try. Our tourist club is located on the bank of the Black Cheremosh River in the village of Dzembronya, 5 minutes drive from the village of Verkhovina and an hour drive from the resort of Bukovel. Rafting in the Carpathians on the Black Cheremosh River is a real experience of wild emotions from rafting with the rapids of this river and is the best way to actively have fun in the Carpathians and Bukovel. We know that the desired level of extreme and adrenaline is different for everyone, so we offer alloys of different lengths and complexity. One of the important details when you plan to master rafting in the Carpathians, pay attention to the weather. During rains, the river has higher water with large rapids, and with less rains, the rate of rafting slows down and can bring different kinds of pleasure. The important thing is that there is no bad weather for rafting on the black wild garlic – this means that we swim the whole summer regardless of the weather.

To bookCost ?

Not far from Bukovel

* Only an hour away

Minimum age: 16

We swim every day, 2 times a day: 10:00 and 14:00

Season: March to end of September

About one-day rafting “Rafting in the Carpathians”

Below is described what is included in the price, cost and type of route, answers to questions.

Protective and thermal equipment

A nice bonus, a complete set of equipment, because in most organizations they take extra funds for this.
Thermal suit, Helmet, Shoes, Lifejacket (holds up to 110kg on water)

Professional Certified Team

All our instructors have undergone professional training at the International Rafting Federation and have the skills of first-aid medical care.

Choose your extreme level

Our team organizes rafting on large inflatable boats (Raft) and triple inflatable kayaks. The cost of rafting from a person on a kayak is the same as rafting.

Gopro and Photography

We make professional photography of your emotions during interesting and extreme moments of the rafting, also the price includes Gopro on each side.

Rafting cost

Below is described, included in the price, cost and type of route, answers to questions.

10km Long Rafting

The most popular and picturesque rafting in the Carpathians along the route in which there are several categories of complexity.
Black Cheremosh River (Carpathians)
Type: Raft or Inflatable Kayak
Included in the price:
+ 1 alloy up to 10 km long
+ Action photo (30pcs)
+ Bodyrafting
+ Instructor’s work
+ Thermal suit
+ Protective equipment
+ Transfer is provided by the program


Cost: 17 EURO/person


20km Double Rafting

Get more pleasure from a long rafting in the Carpathians, turning a double alloy.
Black Cheremosh River (Carpathians)
Type: Raft or Inflatable Kayak
Included in the price:
+ 2 alloys with a total length of up to 20 km
+ Action photo (60pcs)
+ Bodyrafting
+ Instructor’s work
+ Thermal suit
+ Protective equipment
+ Transfer is provided by the program


Cost: 27  EURO/person


How to book?

You can book on the website through the “To Book” button or by writing to us in instant messengers or simply by making a call to +380960545401

I am in Bukovel how and when is the transfer?

In Bukovel, we have partner hotels from which we organize transfers.


I'm on my own car, where to go?

Having gone on vacation in your own car, you need to keep track of the center of the village of Verkhovina, where a guide will be waiting for you by car, which will accompany you to the parking of our town.

There is video surveillance in the parking lot and our employees are constantly present.

How and where does the alloy occur?

Rafting takes place in the vicinity of the village. Verkhovyna and our campsite is located in the village of Krasnik.

Arriving at our campsite you will be approached by a guide who will stop you throughout the fun.

  1. You will be given equipment and taken to the place of dressing (separate for women and men are closed kіmaniti for comfortable dressing)
  2. After changing clothes, the guide leads to the car that will transfer to the starting position, because camping is the final position of entertainment
  3. Transfer is like a separate extreme entertainment because it is a road along the river that does not even dream about asfayte
  4. Arriving at the starting position for all participants conducted a training briefing (15min)
  5. Everyone boats and joyfully floats
  6. Stop to drink water from a mountain spring and try Bodirafting (ektrimalny descent, self-contained without a boat a stormy river)
  7. Finishing stop near the campsite, where we immediately change into dry clothes and share wild emotions with others
  8. If you arrived not by yourself, but by a group of partner hotels, then after changing clothes, transfer back to the hotel

I or someone who wants can’t swim?

This is not a problem, because for each participant in the rafting we give a professional jelly that is designed for weight up to 110 kg and even without swimming skills it will perfectly keep you on the water.

What is worth taking with you?

You need!

  • Swimsuit / Shorts
  • Shower towel
  • Change underwear

How to get there ?

The map shows the meeting place in the village of Verkhovina (Kordinati 48.154828, 24.828910)  Open Google Maps


To communicate in the Telegram and Viber messengers, we use the phone number +380960545401
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For emails [email protected]

Rafting Carpathians Bokorash reviews on Google Maps

“Rafting on the Black Cheremosh River is a great opportunity to spend your extreme weekend. The most popular route begins in with. Dzembronya and ends in with. Krasnik. The season begins in April and ends in September. For lovers of maximum extreme sports, you need to come for rafting in April or May”

Vasily DyachukLocal expert / published 05/05/2019

“I rested with my family, stayed for a few days and honestly I said it was the best three days ago that the first day we had check-in at the campsite and hiking in the mountains, the second ATV ride which ended with rafting and the third day we were indulged in Hutsul cuisine. Very satisfied with the service, the staff really enjoys serving their guests and creating special experiences for each person. We really liked it and can no longer wait to return. Thanks guys! ♥ ️”

Tanya OstrovskayaPosted on 06/20/2018

“Believe me, you don’t need to look for someone else, because this team is very cool. In the summer it often serves guests of our hotel and they are always happy, and we, too, because everything is always organized and coolly planned.”

OsterPlatz HotelcomplexPosted on 1/25/2020

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